What is an interim manager?

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Interim managers offer companies the benefit of their extensive experience in the field, independently and in a temporary capacity.

Good interim managers have a healthy dose of entrepreneurial spirit, thrive on challenge, adapt easily to new, changing environments and avoid falling into a rut through continuous improvement and innovation.

Are you interested in working as an interim manager?

At catalize we specialise in executive interim management in finance. We have an extensive network of clients who rely on catalize for the selection of qualified interim managers to fulfil their urgent or temporary needs. For you, that means less of a search and more new potential clients!

When to opt for
interim management?

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Companies rely on interim managers as temporary replacements, in urgent situations or for ad hoc projects.

Temporary replacement
A member of your staff is temporarily unavailable (due to sickness, maternity leave, internal transfer, etc.) and there is no colleague who can take over their duties.

Project work
You have a project of well-defined scope (implementing a new ERP system, for example), but the required competencies are not available in-house or this would put too much pressure on existing staff.

Urgent situations
The sudden or unplanned departure of a key figure within your organisation (such as your CFO) results in the urgent need for an interim manager to ensure continuity of operations. The interim manager will take over their duties until a (permanent) replacement can be found.

Other situations where an interim manager can prove invaluable: making improvements after a negative audit report, transfer pricing and structuring for tax optimisation, setting up management reports, implementing IFRS consolidation, professionalisation of an SME, cost cutting exercises, preparing for an IPO, post-acquisition integration, etc.

5 great advantages of
interim management



If you are not sure of a project’s duration or intensity, no other type of agreement (permanent employment, temporary staff, fixed-term contracts) will offer the same level of flexibility.

Part or full-time? Three, four, six months or even longer? Anything’s possible. You only pay an interim manager for the actual days of work and they are not on the payroll, minimising your administrative burden.



Our extensive, continuously updated database of interim managers allows us to act with exceptional speed. Contact catalize this week to engage an interim manager by next week? It’s no fantasy!



Interim managers possess years of experience in their field. That means they can get to work and start to add value very quickly. They will hit the ground running.


Pragmatic & hands-on

Interim managers are no consultants, offering advice and nothing more. They will roll up their own sleeves and handle what needs doing, including day-to-day operations.


Value for money

Interim management doesn’t require you to invest in lengthy, expensive training. There are no hidden costs and you won’t be paying for so-called best practices or an expensive back office.

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How does our
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