Catalize brings the right people together. That’s the essence.

So Catalize facilitates contact between people. Which people? People (clients, companies) looking for a permanent or temporary co-worker for a financial job on the one hand, and people (candidates, interim managers) looking for a new challenge on the other hand. And can’t these people get in touch with each other by themselves? Well of course, but… with the help of Catalize things go smoother and quicker… We have been specialised in financial recruitment and interim management for years and this expertise grants us such a large portfolio of qualified financial professionals and companies that our view on both can easily be considered as being one of the widest on the market. This saves a lot of time and additionally provides a solid guarantee on finding the best possible match between parties.


We will strive for a solution until we find one. And although passionate about helping you, we remain very pragmatic. No unnecessarily complex contracts or long reports: bringing together the right parties as efficiently as possible, that’s our aim.


Because speed is often a strong requirement in a recruitment process – and as good as always when looking for an interim manager – Catalize will put all efforts in place to provide its clients with a solution as soon as possible.


Confidential treatment of sensitive information is absolutely self-evident to us.

Our values

Respect for all parties involved

Catalize has grown – and intends to continue to do so – by consistently investing in long term relationships, as well with clients as with candidates. And in the end, long term relationships are always based on honesty and respect.


Catalize aims exclusively and very specifically at financial positions and has built an extensive expertise in this area for years, which allows us an accurately targeted selection of candidates and assignments.


Catalize prides itself in following up the process from A to Z. The job is therefore not over when a selected candidate starts to work. During the job or assignment, we will regularly discuss with both client and candidate to follow up on the good advancement of the job. In case of an interim management assignment, a round-up will be made upon completion as well.

Some references

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